Mission Partner Info

Pricing and Structure of Mission Partnering will be Substantially Revised for the 2023 Calendar Year. Please Look for Changes in the Late Fall of 2022.

Below please find the links for Google documents that should answer most of your questions.

General Information:

• Information on the Bishop Harold Jones Building, Mission, SD

• Master Invoice for Bishop Jones Building

• Information on Barbour Hall at the Bishop Hare Center, Mission, SD

• Master Invoices for Barbour Hall rental

• Lakota Cultural Opportunities

• Books We Recommend You Read & Movies We Recommend You See Before Coming to the Rosebud

• Rosebud Episcopal Mission – Mission Team Covenant (required document)

• Non-Use of Alcohol and Drugs on the Rosebud Indian Reservation (required document)

• Sample Mission Team Group Covenant 

• Dress Code on the Rosebud Episcopal Mission

How to battle mosquitoes

How to Become a Ministry Partner

God Bless

2 thoughts on “Mission Partner Info

  1. Michelle

    Michelle Killin-Keith

    I am a coordinator of Children and Youth Ministry at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church near Cleveland, Ohio. I am looking for some more information on the ages of youth volunteers. We are looking at many different places to help and not sure if part of our group is possibly too young. I didn’t want to get them excited about changing the world and then tell them “well what I just showed you isn’t for you” that would be sad. Thanks so much for any info you can share.


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