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The Rosebud Episcopal Mission was established in 1875 on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in south-central South Dakota, the home of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate (The Burnt Thigh Nation). Part of the Diocese of South Dakota, the Rosebud Mission has 10 active congregations.



The Rosebud Episcopal Mission (East), under the leadership of The Rev. Annie Henninger, are:

All Saints, Milks Camp
Calvary Church, Okreek
Holy Spirit, Ideal
Trinity Church, Winner

The Rosebud Episcopal Mission (West), under the leadership of The Rev. Dr. Lauren R. Stanley, are:

church of jesus, rosebud

Church of Jesus, Rosebud

The Mother Church of the Lakota People on the Rosebud

Trinity Mission Winter
Trinity Church, Mission
Grace Chapel, Soldier Creek
Holy Innocents, Parmelee
Holy Innocents’ Church, Parmelee

st. paul's, norris

St. Paul’s, Norris

st. thomas corn creek

St. Thomas, Corn Creek

Tiwahe ed Wacikiyapi, Norris
Tiwahe ed Wacekiyapi, Norris (a joint outreach of St. Pauls’ and St. Thomas)

st. james chapel

St. Philip and St. James, White River, worshipping at St. James Chapel at the Bishop Hare Center, Mission.

Our clergy:

The Rt. Rev. John Tarrant, Bishop of the Diocese of South Dakota

The Rev. Dr. Lauren R. Stanley (Western side)

The Rev. Annie Henninger (Eastern side)

The Rev. Webster Two Hawk (White River, retired).

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Ruth W. Bartelt

    Can anyone tell me where I can find Carolyn Huffnagle-Marks, wife of clergyman Bruce Marks, who drowned in the 1960s on the Rosebud Reservation, rescuing a child. Thank you,
    -Ruth Harrison -Bartelt

    I understand that Martin Brokenleg’s family may know.


    1. Ruth W. Bartelt

      Thank you for responding. I have just learned that Carolyn, under the name of Carolyna Huffnagle Marks moved to Berkley, California and is the founder and promoter of the World Peace Wall project. Her work and obituary are online. She died in 2011.


  2. I am researching an artifact that I have, it is a brown leather bound book inlayed with the initials A.B. Clark using porcupine quills. Service Book of Common Prayer published 1900. English and Dakota


  3. Any luck on finding more about Rev A.B. Clark? I love history, my Great Grandfather Edward Howe was a Episcopalian Minister in Niobrara for many years. I found a weekly journal of sorts that he kept for about four years in then 20’s. when people died, mostly children it seems, baptisms and their donations, a box of coal for the stove, or some eggs, collects 10cents etc. I donated it to the Ponca tribe of Nebraska and their museum in Niobrara many years ago. Thank you for your time.


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