It’s #AshWednesday! Beginning at 10 a.m., Mother Lauren will be doing #AshesOnTheGo, bringing the ashes and prayers to you! And she will offer #AshesToGo as well! She will take full COVID precautions, including wearing a mask, a face shield, and gloves, which she will change after imposing ashes for each person. Instead of going INTO buildings, Mother Lauren will be outside, so that people can come out one at a time and socially distance. She will call to each house/office when she arrives to let people know, and will offer ashes either by imposition (she draws the sign of the cross on your forehead) or by giving you ashes in a plastic baggie like the one pictured below to take home for you to impose your own ashes (which is pretty powerful). #AshesInChurch will take place at 7 p.m. at the Bishop Jones Building, Mission. Wear your mask, and we will practice the same precautions there as well. Call Mother Lauren if you would like to receive ashes and prayers (605-828-3892). #GetYourAshOn


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