#REMCares Update

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the Rosebud Episcopal Mission has been working hard to take care of the Oyate here on the Rosebud. We delivered more than 6,000 N95 face masks (the construction masks) to RST Law Enforcement, the Adult Corrections Facility, the Juvenile Detention Facility, the White River Nursing Home, and Todd County School District breakfast and lunch program, and then asked people around the country to make cloth face masks for us.

In the past several weeks, we have received and then delivered more than 200 cloth face masks to Community Health Representatives, which in turn took those masks out to the community.

Today, we were able to deliver another 600 cloth face masks, which came from partners across the country. Wopila tanka to Ellen Kentnor of Sonora, Arizona; to the Northern Colorado (NoCo) Mask Making Team and Laura Gurney; and to Dawn Jurgens of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, for these marvelous masks.

Together, we can take care of each other!

Delivering masks to CHR today in Rosebud!

6 thoughts on “#REMCares Update

  1. Linda Seaver

    I am trying to locate Francis Cutt. He attended Nashotah House with my husband Rev. Donald Seaver. Don (who died in 1984) attended Francis’s ordination on the reserve. I believe the year was 1975.


      1. Linda Seaver

        I did not see your comment until today when I was answering Carolyn.
        Thank you for that information.
        Do you know if Delia is still living?


    1. Carolyn Boyd

      Linda I do not know anything about Francis Cutt, but I did work with your husband Don at the Milwaukee office of the State Dept. of Human services in the mid-seventies. I was reminiscing the other day about my days at DHS and thought of Don who was a wonderful colleague and remembered he left the agency to study for the priesthood at Nashotah House. So with time on my hands I did a search and found you on the REM Cares website. I am so sorry to hear that Don has died–he was a “larger than life” character when I knew him. I trust you and your family are well during these challenging times. It is funny that I remembered your first name as Don spoke so often of you at our job with our other two colleagues, Gary First and Mel Coy. I guess Don kept up his social services skills in meeting the needs of his parishioners. Did he work at the REM Cares organization? Best wishes and blessings. Carolyn Puricelli Boys.


      1. Linda Seaver

        Hi Carolyn. How nice to hear from you! That’s so thoughtful after all these years. I appreciated your remembrances of Don. I met Gary and Mel on a couple of occasions but I don’t believe I ever met you. No, Don didn’t work for R.E.M. I ended up on their website looking for Francis. Don and our two kids were on the reserve when the FBI agents were shot In 1975. I was at a workshop in California and spent one agonizing day because no phone calls were allowed through and no one could give me any information! Don loved his work as a priest. After seminary we spent two years on a reserve in northern Manitoba, and then two years on the south shore of Montreal. After that we moved to Ridgeway, Ontario and after two years he developed the brain tumour.
        In 2007 I moved to Belleville to be closer to my kids. Three years later I met Richard and am happily married.
        I hope you are well and safe in covid times!! Thanks again. It really meant a great deal to me to hear from you!


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