#REMCares Update

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the Rosebud Episcopal Mission has been working hard to take care of the Oyate here on the Rosebud. We delivered more than 6,000 N95 face masks (the construction masks) to RST Law Enforcement, the Adult Corrections Facility, the Juvenile Detention Facility, the White River Nursing Home, and Todd County School District breakfast and lunch program, and then asked people around the country to make cloth face masks for us.

In the past several weeks, we have received and then delivered more than 200 cloth face masks to Community Health Representatives, which in turn took those masks out to the community.

Today, we were able to deliver another 600 cloth face masks, which came from partners across the country. Wopila tanka to Ellen Kentnor of Sonora, Arizona; to the Northern Colorado (NoCo) Mask Making Team and Laura Gurney; and to Dawn Jurgens of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, for these marvelous masks.

Together, we can take care of each other!

Delivering masks to CHR today in Rosebud!

2 thoughts on “#REMCares Update

  1. Linda Seaver

    I am trying to locate Francis Cutt. He attended Nashotah House with my husband Rev. Donald Seaver. Don (who died in 1984) attended Francis’s ordination on the reserve. I believe the year was 1975.


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