A Message of Love from Erroll Geboe

A message of love from Rosebud Episcopal Mission Senior Catechist Erroll Geboe, who has been sharing videos of Lakota hymns that he has been playing for us.

Rosebud Episcopal Mission
Senior Catechist Erroll Geboe.

Dear Relatives:

It is my great honor to play these hymns for you as well as I can. A lot of them are hymns that I play by ear or from memory. Growing up in church, I heard and sang all these hymns, and I always admired the organists who played them.

I can remember most of the organists from my youth: Rebecca Quick Bear, from St. Matthews, Rapid City; my aunt Dorothy Lunderman, who played at many of our congregations here on the Rosebud; Lillian Chase, who mainly played at Church of Jesus, Rosebud, but who also played at other churches; Lorraine Herman, who was the organist at Trinity, Mission, for 40 years; and Isaac Cutt, who played – by ear – at Grace Chapel, Soldier Creek.

All these wonderful people have been my inspiration, which is how I picked it up. Often times I asked them for their guidance and help when I did not know what to do, or I could not remember a note. And then all of the sudden, the note comes and I get it.

Even today, I am thankful I can play these, because nowadays there are hardly any organists in our churches anymore.

I play these for you, and share my love for all of you through music.

I hope you enjoy these, and that they bring back memories as they do for me.

When I play at home, I can honestly still hear my mom, Margaret, humming along or even faintly singing in the background. So I must be doing something right, because my mother loved to sing the Lakota hymns. She was an alto and knew all the Lakota hymns. When we would ask her what her favorite hymn was, so that we could sing it with her, she would say, All of them. That is why I try to play so many for you.

I promise you, I will keep practicing and recording these hymns, because especially in this time of Coronavirus, this is how I share and show my love.

— Erroll

How to join our on-line worship services

4D8CBD5E-CC08-4131-8603-354F23412E4CIn March 2019, the Rosebud Episcopal Mission began broadcasting live Sunday worship services on the Facebook page of Mother Lauren R. Stanley. We started doing this because the weather that winter was simply brutal, and too many services were being canceled.

In 2020, coronavirus arrived, and forced the closure of in-person worship services, which we did out of an abundance of caution, and because we love one another. In order to provide more opportunities for worship, we began weeknight Compline services focused on hope and love. Those services were also on Mother Lauren’s Facebook page. After the services finish, Mother Lauren shared the services to the Rosebud Episcopal Mission page and to this website, rosebudepiscopalmission.org.

But that meant that those who do not have Facebook were not able to join the services live, and had to watch taped versions.

Beginning on Monday, 11 May 2020, the services migrated to the Rosebud Episcopal Mission Facebook, because that means that those who do not have a Facebook account can join us live.


Well, let us tell you!

In your web browser, put in this link:


When you click on this link, it will take you to the Rosebud Episcopal Mission Facebook page. Please know that you do not need to have a Facebook account. When this page comes up, it will prompt you to LOG IN. All you need to do is click NOT NOW. Then, on the left side of the page, click on VIDEOS. 

Then you will be able to join us live!

(We will still post the services after they are finished on Mother Lauren’s page as well as on this page under the #REMLive link, so if you miss the live service, you can always find it later on!)