Mitakuye oyasin!

The Rosebud Episcopal Mission welcomes all of its relatives to its 11 Episcopal churches on tRosebud Episcopal Mission logohe Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The Episcopal Church has served on the Rosebud since 1873, and serves all of the people here.

Our churches, under the leadership of The Rev. Dr. Lauren R. Stanley, are:

• Church of Jesus, Rosebud

•Trinity Church, Mission

•Holy Innocents, Parmelee

•Grace Chapel, Soldier Creek

•Tiwahe ed Wacikiyapi, Norris (a joint outreach of St. Paul’s, Norris, and St. Thomas, Corn Creek)

•St. Paul’s, Norris

•St. Thomas, Corn Creek

•St. Philip/St. James, White River, worshipping at St. James Chapel on the Bishop Hare Center.

Our churches, under the leadership of The Rev. Annie Henninger, are:

•All Saints, Milkscamp

•Calvary, Okreek

•Trinity, Winner

•Holy Spirit, Ideal

We welcome all of our relatives – all of God’s beloved people – to our services.

You may reach Mother Lauren at 605-828-3892.

You may reach Mother Annie at 605-835-8144.